#reLENTless #Holy

I am really working through an online devotional under the hashtag #reLENTless. This is an example of why I find it so personally necessary.

I am holy too. Not piously perfect, not perfect at all. Human. Holy.


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Ash Wednesday

I’ve been engaging in the online Twitter community organized by The Slate Project, a progressive Christian real world and online group of people, called #SlateSpeak (Thursdays 9pm Eastern). Check it out. Rev. Jenn is one of the co-founders.

Living a Life-giving Lent

Ash Wednesday is an exhausting day, even for an extrovert like me.  My co-pastors and I, of The Slate Project, worked the streets all day and although we are dog-tired, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.ash wednesday (1).png

What did my day look like? Here is a glimpse….

A hug from a 5-year-old twin on her way to move with her mom and sister to Utah.
A woman who is 13 years in active recovery from her heroin addiction.
A man who invited everyone he knew on the street to come over so we could pray together.
A woman waiting for her daughter at a Hopkins bus stop.
A teacher at a daycare.img_4648
A woman who went to multiple #ashestogo locations looking to be blessed and prayed over.
A man whose views I couldn’t disagree with more.
A woman under hospice care with Hepatitis, AIDS, and cancer.
A man who was…

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