My friend Michael tells such wonderful stories. This is one of them. Enjoy.



When i was in the seminary back in the 60’s, we had a cute little saying, when some pretty girl passed by, “You can look at the menu, but you can’t order!” OUCH! That was a toughie!

Thanksgiving 2016 will pass me by in a similar fashion. For a year and a half now i have had the lovely plight of losing my sense of smell and taste – except on some rare occasions. While my doctors are pondering the dilemma, one of them the other day smiled and offered consolation, what with today’s FEAST upon us: “This year you must savor the sights…Feast your Eyes!” i was tempted to say, “Hey, doc, where’d ya put that scalpel!?”

ALL IN JEST! All in jest. Please pardon me, but laughter is one of the ways i deal with it, when turkey tastes like smashed potatoes, which taste just like lasagna, which…

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