Credit Where Credit Is Due!


Trigger Alert: I’m a proponent of removing the Second Amendment from our Constitution and starting over with hyper-restrictive laws for gun ownership. I’m a proponent of accepting immigrants and refugees into our collective community, and I believe in the idea that Jesus meant it when he said we are to love  God, ourselves, our neighbor, and our enemies. Including Muslims, Syrians, LGBTQ friends, and the rest of the world. If you’re reading this and seething already – I would caution you to stop unless you’re open to considering the thoughts of people you disagree with.

I’m growing increasingly fearful. We’re in deep trouble America. Just look. Look at the candidates on both sides that the machine has allowed us to be able to choose from. With perhaps one exception (I’m looking at you Bernie) we’re being confronted with not the best of the worst, but the worst of the worst.

Donald Trump is the equivalent of a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Deathly sick, and the real concern is the amount of time and quality of life left before dying. His views (admittedly almost hand selected media-bites) appear to be the most un-American statements a person could make. Or not. Apparently there are not only millions of people who resonate with his racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, but a growing number of organizations that represent police officers and other first-responders as well.

Ban Muslims, Build border walls, Summary executions, disallow refugee’s, religious tests (a/k/a “Christians” only), EVERYONE GETS A GUN! (including those we won’t let fly because, well, they might blow up the plane with their shoes or underwear).  The list goes on, and I’ve not heard much different from the rest (too numerous to name) of the GOP slate vying for its nomination. I’m scared that any of them will get the nod. Donald Trump is the current head of this stinking fish. Again, my opinion.

Our Democratic slate is hardly better though they do lack the blazing and olfactory unpleasant phobic rhetoric of the GOP. Maybe that’s the problem? Again like cancer, is there an insidious nature at work here? Are they a Stage 1 cancer? Given the popular support for the GOP’s treasonous talking points, can a Democrat win the White House and NOT bend to this rising tide of racism and hate?

Last night I said to a friend, half joking, that if Trump and Clinton are the choices, I wouldn’t vote. Half joking. The point really is that there is no amount of comfort I can generate from any of the choices. Of course, I’m not going to vote for anyone who desires to keep our neighbors out, or wage war against an entire religion for retributive “justice” against a few bad actors. And I do believe that we are awarded a responsibility to vote as one of our duties as a citizen of The United States of America. So I will vote. It may be a write-in vote, but I will vote.

Please think about this, if nothing else, as you consider the options while we move ever closer to 11/3/2016. What do I want America to be when my great-great-Grandchildren and future generations are living in our nation. Take yourself out of the privilege you live in if your reading this (and thanks for staying with it if you are reading) and consider the country you inherited, and how it felt to be an American.

We’re losing that feeling. Not because of IS, Daesh, Al-Qaida, Mexicans, Syrians, Big-Government, or any other reason. But fear.

My America wasn’t afraid.








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