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Thanksgiving, Lament, and the Story We Tell | Sojourners

I’m not saying that we’re wrong to celebrate a day devoted to giving thanks. We should have the courage to do it recognizing that it was at the expense of hundreds of thousands of indigenous people and their cultures. So give thanks, and ask forgiveness.

What will it take for us to face our history head on — to face the sinful foundations upon which we stand?

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Why Do I Still Have To Explain #BlackLivesMatter To Other White People?

John has this unerring way of writing down what I seem to always have a hard time expressing directly. Thank God that he does – giving voice to what is likely a very large number of folks like me. In this case, folks who believe in their heart and soul that #BlackLivesMatter. Grace and peace to you John Pavlovitz, with many thanks.

john pavlovitz

eric-garner-i-cant-breathe-protestsI don’t know why we still need to do this, but sadly we do.


It’s okay to say it, white people. You should say it. You need to say it.

This is not an outrage competition. It is not a chance for you to roll out a laundry list of the things that upset and burden you. It is about one very specific reason for outrage.

It is not a tit-for-tat hashtag war where you insert any other people group in response, somehow illustrating your righteous position on equality for everyone to see.

It is not about all lives, it is about the lives of people of color in a country with a well documented history of systematic and individual discrimination against them.

It is about a power charged with protecting and serving all people, becoming an instrument of continued oppression of and violence toward a select group of them, by those wielding that…

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America Is Not and Cannot Be a Christian Nation | On Being

American democracy is illumined by multiple voices calling us to pursue questions of personal, communal, and political meaning. A Quaker reminds us to vigorously question those who say the U.S. is a Christian nation.

Source: America Is Not and Cannot Be a Christian Nation | On Being

As We Prepare To Wait