Yes, they’ll know we are Americans by our guns

M&R Photography

We Americans don’t care about each other. We don’t love our neighbors as ourselves. And I wonder what God it is that many profess to love and obey. We don’t care, we don’t love, and I wonder which God for many reasons. The one looming largest before me this morning is this; We continue to uphold the nearly unrestricted access to firearms as a right of all Americans.

Yesterday, another needless and preventable shooting. One of many most certainly, but the one that garnered breaking news status.

Why? Why God? Why must we continue to write these lamentations?

Let us pray.

God, let us feel the pain of every parent whose child is killed by a bullet, be they victim, aggressor, friend or enemy. Make us weep for every death as their family weeps. Make their pain and tears ours God, so that then we’ll seek a way to stop the bullets, to stem the flow of blood and tears. Amen.


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