Faitheism: The Shared Sacred Ground Of All Doubting Believers And Believing Doubters

BOOM! Nailed it!

john pavlovitz

There’s a dangerous and popular myth about religious faith, that says you either have it, or you don’t.

Even if we don’t consciously choose to, most of us probably see spirituality this way too; as a fixed, all or nothing, pass-fail proposition, as either one of only two available, very distinct options: Belief or Unbelief. 

This is especially true of those of us raised in the Christian Church, as it often operates this way; with the saved, sold-out, settled faithful on one side, and the rebellious, unreachable, heartless heathens on the other.

Every Sunday we’re thrust into a starkly lit, supernatural Super Bowl, presented with the hard moral battle lines and neatly marked out theological menu options, (all framed with great eloquence and urgency), and we’re asked to choose—now. We’re forced to go immediately and permanently all-in with either Faith or Doubt; implored by pleading pastors and preachers, to forever join the ranks of those believing souls…

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