A 2015 Promise For Leelah Alcorn, And For All “Different” Young People Who Never Made It Here

Our job is to love. We failed Leelah. I am sorry, so sorry to have to say that. And I pray we’ll get closer every day to having to admit to failing less.

john pavlovitz

Leelah Alcorn never got to see 2015.

It was stolen from her.

This fresh, pristine moment in time that you’re experiencing right now, with all of its newness and possibility and promise? It’s one she didn’t have the chance to stand expectantly in.

The statistics will say that she left of own accord, choosing to depart prematurely, opting out of life.

On paper, she’ll look just like another number; one more depressed, confused, impulsive teen who in a moment of recklessness and emotion, simply took the easy way out.

We know differently.

We know that she lived for far too long with the kind of pain that a young heart should never, ever carry.

We know that her fragile will, finally broke beneath the weight of cruel jokes, and misguided religion, and fear, and silence, and hatred.

We know that she was a she, and that the world refused to really see her.

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