Your truth, and nothing but your truth? Come on.

I’ve always been of an opinion that being able to have a discussion online trumps having to tolerate hateful speech. I’m inclined to change that opinion today. We’re entitled to our opinions, and we’re entitled to angrily disagree. We’re endowed with rights to freedom of speech and expression. But not without certain caveats, In my opinion.

We don’t need to be crude. We needn’t hurt people. We ought not trample a person’s dignity simply because an idea they uphold isn’t one you subscribe to. This goes for everyone. If you’re so entrenched in a position or idea that your immediate reaction is to despise and ridicule the person or group who has presented a topic or reaction that you don’t hold or agree with, you need to withdraw to a quiet place and ask yourself, honestly, if you’d like to be addressed that way.

Too often today, on religious, spiritual, and other contemplative pages and discussions, the honest discussion is broken apart by someone who desires only to take away, not contribute.

You can have an opinion or a position AND find a way to make your argument thoughtfully and with a little humility. I’ve gained more by being open to the idea that everything I was taught is A truth, not THE truth.

Oh, and writing in a way understandable to those of us who grew up in an age when 160 characters was not considered long form writing would be helpful. Just Saying.


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