Let’s Not “Agree to Disagree”

I read this, and read it again. And again. Wow.

Let’s Not “Agree to Disagree” | Crystal St. Marie Lewis.


President Obama Lays it Down Beautifully

Diana Butler Bass exposes exactly what I was thinking while listening. We were witness to a great American Sermon. Intended for the 21st century, and demanded by the people.

In Obama’s inauguration speech, a new American religion – Guest Voices – The Washington Post.

On Being with Krista Tippett

On Being with Krista Tippett: religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas — on public radio and online [OnBeing.org].

If you have not heard this program/podcast before, check it out. The current program, featuring Seth Godin is likely to make my list of favorites. That said, there’s something here for everyone.

What can I say? Maybe it is true. Maybe we do know everything when we’re young. Everything worth knowing, maybe?

Exactly! Respect Frank, and offer him a way to stay at The Bridge!

Blue is the Colour - Chelsea FC

There is only one thing Frank Lampard has failed to win in his 12 seasons at Chelsea Football Club: the respect that is due to him. “Sign him up,” the traveling fans chanted after he had equalized three minutes before half-time and nudged Chelsea into the lead with just under half an hour to play.

The 156 Premier League goals he has blasted home are the fifth-most all time, a remarkable achievement for a midfielder. The 534 appearances he has made rank fourth all time. No one in the history of the EPL has matched the nine consecutive seasons he has netted at least 10 goals. Yet as his Chelsea career winds down, it seems evident he will leave Stamford Bridge as a man whose inimitable contributions will be truly appreciated only when he is no longer with us.

A couple of months after Chelsea won the Double in…

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Violence is our God. Hallowed be its name.

So worth contemplating. How often do I say things that by their saying condone violence, accept intolerance, etc? Yes, we all say these things. What I need to do more of, is be cognizant of it, and recognize it as being something worth changing. For our sake.

Living the Questions

Violence is our God

We spank children to teach them not to hit one another.  We sanction the killing of killers as a deterrent against killing. We advocate the arming of citizens to promote personal safety. Is it any wonder that people are being deluded into complying with a system that allies them with violence, not compassion; with death, not life?

Even our language is overwhelmed with a continual drumbeat of violence. From seemingly innocuous phrases like, “Shoot me an email” to the “war on poverty” to “He’s da bomb” and even the “Fight for Peace” are simply “to die for” in our culture.

We are a wholly compromised culture that can’t even imagine the existence of any alternatives. Why? Because violence is entertaining, exhilarating, and as Chris Hedges has argued so poignantly, it gives many of us meaning.

Book Cover high resFrom “The Myth of Redemptive Violence” in

Living the Questions:
The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity

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