Fiscal Cliff: Notes

It troubles me how we are so involved in holding up the powerful few and their organizations as the greatest hope we have, when in reality, and I believe history proves also, it is exactly this sort of hard heartedness and greed that has perpetuated their ability to grab power and wealth away from the normal citizen. I don’t fault a single living (or dead) soul for aspiring to wealth and comfort. I do. But at some point, aren’t we expected to also understand what is enough, and to work to help those less fortunate by providing them care and assistance?

Government is not absolved of its obligation to care for its neediest simply because the purse holders desire instead to raise monuments, libraries, and armies as testament to how great they are instead of re-distributing (yes, exactly as it sounds) the bounty to those who wish only enough to eat and a warm place to live. It’s obligation remains; to provide enough to help everyone live with a bit of dignity. Not cash hand-outs for the sake of them, but enough through programs to raise skill levels and teach people how to work, create, and raise their families. Tax adjustments and credits for productive work. Etcetera. Just enough. Enough.

The trouble is, in my opinion, that we’re confronted by a machine that has no interest in celebrating anything like a re-distribution if it means including the unlucky. The forums, symposiums, clinics, and other gatherings called to discuss debt and taxes, have as bedrock, the caveat that, if it will require removing the entitlements the rich and powerful enjoy, then it’s a non-starter. We need to stop encouraging and enabling this if it’s ever going to change. We need to talk about shame and greed at the corporate level. We need to expose the greed and misdeeds done in our name.

We need to remove the sense of entitlement that the corporation holds up as essential, and
give it back to the individual. As much concern needs to be shown the people of this earth
as is shown the wealth they create and stockpile for the powerful few in control. We need to spread concern for each person born out beyond the moment of birth. We need to realize that everyone on this planet would be a working, productive part of society, if that society were not built to justify it’s premiums by engineering injustice, crime, and poverty to perpetuate itself. The sense of entitlement is fiction, created by greed. We need to change that.

I’m not sure how this is done, and I’m hardly the guy to even be thinking about it. But as a whole, we need to. We must. Every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day, someone unlucky enough to be born into poverty and injustice, continues to die unseen and unknown by the many. And in each of those same seconds, the more fortunate among us, add sums they can’t spend to their coffers, in the name of a “dream”. I have a different dream, obviously.

I dream of a world where everyone starts nearly level. Of course some will have more, and some will have less. Some will be able to afford nicer things. Eat in better restaurants. Go to better schools. Give back more to their institutions and have their names on buildings. Of course. But the dream also demands that enough be given back to help the others. Enough.

That’s all. Just. Enough.


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