Let’s Roll

I understand the people who disagree with the decision to continue the running of the marathon, and I understand completely those who wish to see the event happen. There are many sound and intelligent arguments for each “sides” position. And there is an obvious emotional reaction by those personally impacted by the devastation that Sandy has brought. Many of you have lost homes, loved ones, etc.

And a great many more have lost fond memories of childhood adventures and traditional family vacation spots. These are all horrible losses, each of them, in their own ways. Agreed. And to all of you I am sorry. I was fortunate to only lose power for two days.

I personally would vote to continue the marathon as scheduled.

First, it’s my understanding that the Marathon is to donate $1,000,000, and ING, the main sponsor, an additional $500,000 to relief of the effects of Sandy. All good. Second, I believe that, like after 9/11, getting up and showing the world that we can do this, is important. Third, I seriously doubt, that with the worlds attention on the area, that people are going to do this at the expense of the injured citizens. I would not support taking from the recovery effort to support a sporting event, no matter the size. I don’t think that’s occurring in any significant way, other than what has to happen to run the event, and I pray I’m not proven wrong.

Please, use your hearts when thinking about this. We’re suffering a sort of shock now, and we all could take a moment to realize what’s important. Getting what we love back in order, and making sure it’s stronger than it was when it was knocked down. It’s what we’ve done after every major disaster or challenge we’ve faced as a nation and community. After 9/11, Katrina, and Irene, etc. Getting food, clothing, shelter, and the electric on, are most important. And there’s a race to be won.


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