Why I Will Vote Democrat

Here is an explanation better than any I can write, of why I will choose to vote along Democratic lines.  I’ve always been registered as an independent voter, and in fact I voted for Republicans occasionally.  It’s now becoming ever clearer to me, that justice is served better, and the least among us are more of a priority, to the party that calls itself Democrat.  Maybe in some places, you can’t be Christian if you hold these views, but from where I sit, it’s difficult to claim yourself a disciple (student) of Jesus, if you don’t.  Call me a rebel.

Why I am a Christian Democrat.



I’m still drying my eyes. For those who don’t know, and until a few days ago, I was among you, a young man named Ty lost his battle with cancer yesterday. His Mom has been keeping the world updated through her blog at SuperTy.org.

God Bless You Ty, and your family. I’d say you’ll be missed, but I don’t believe your Mom will let us. She expects regular updates, and so do we. Peace